Terms of Use & Privacy Policy

The following general terms and conditions are a must acceptance and compliance by all users of the service offered by KangApp. If the User registers KangApp both are agreeing with all terms and conditions expressed herein and agreeing to perform transactions originated through our service according to them.

  1. Key terms
    • “Term of Use” means the terms and conditions that regulate the access and use of the platform by the user.
    • “Platform” means web.
    • “Article” means any article for babies and kids published by a lessor in the platform.
    • “Transaction” means rental agreement between lessor and tenant.
    • “Lessor” means ‘owner’ and user (it may be a natural or legal person) that publish or advertise an article to be rented.
    • “Tenant” means user (It might be a natural or legal person) who rent an article.
    • “KangApp Contents” means any content provided by KangApp in its own name or under license from third parties, it does not include the contents of the members.
    • “Content” means any content published or shared in the platform by any member.
    • “Service” means provision made by KangApp in the platform.
    • “Listed” means any item that a user adds to the list as available to be rented through the platform.
    • “Tax” means any tax fees, VAT, income tax, regional or state and local tax, corporation tax, etc.
    • “Other agreements” means any other agreement apart from the rental agreement reached between the users. In case of divergence a member can be asked for anything that may differ with the conditions defined in these terms of use. In any case, these additional terms will prevail over the general ones.
  2. Services provided by KangApp
    1. KangApp is a platform on where are offered articles for babies and kids to be rented to its registered users. For all purposes, KangApp is a meeting point for people, individuals and companies, who wish to rent items and reach other possible agreements, as well as provide tools that facilitate such transactions.
    2. KangApp does not guarantee and is not responsible for the accuracy, reliability, integrity or legality of any advertisement, review, offer, proposal, list, good, service, data or other information displayed or distributed through the platform by users (hereinafter, 'content'), except for those set forth specifically by KangApp.
    3. KangApp warns that some of the available content from the platform might be considered harmful, offensive or inaccurate and, in some cases, might be deceptively labelled by users. The user acknowledges and agrees that KangApp is not responsible for the content displayed or distributed through the platform. KangApp has the right, but not the obligation, to correct errors or omissions in any part of the platform, to show some information specifically to comply with certain laws and to edit, modify, refuse or remove any content from all or part of the platform. KangApp also reserves the right to require users all the information about those articles KangApp consider that are, by their nature or origin, unlawful or illegal. In addition, KangApp reserves the right to inform the competent authorities as defence of legality.
    4. The mailing and all the operations between the users with advertisers found by or in the platform, including the payment system established by KangApp and also the delivery of the goods and any other conditions or warranties associated with such dealings, are solely between the user and advertiser. User acknowledges and agrees that KangApp is not liable for damages of any nature whatsoever resulting from transactions or the presence of such advertisements in the platform.
    5. Any unions or associations’ forwards ("links") to other websites (www), mobile applications, or any other support from the platform don’t behave a guarantee from KangApp to the user. The user acknowledges and agrees that KangApp is not responsible, directly or indirectly, for any damage caused by the use of such links.
    6. KangApp is neither part nor it is involved in nor it is responsible for the transactions, agreements, contracts or disputes among users or between users and advertising portals, except in those intrinsic aspects to the service offered by KangApp. In case of disputes, the user releases KangApp and its agents and employees, from any disputes, claims or liabilities of any kind related to or rose from such transactions, agreements, contracts or disputes.
    7. KangApp doesn’t warrant in any way that the functions contained in the platform or any other materials related are offered uninterrupted or free from any error. KangApp is not liable, directly or indirectly, from the interruptions of the platform that may affect the receipt, processing, acceptance or agreement of the listings or transaction in the platform.
    8. KangApp is neither owner nor operator of any of the articles published on the platform; moreover, it doesn’t sell, resell, manages, leases or re-let any of these items. KangApp limits itself to facilitate the availability of the platform and to act as a limited collection agent of each landlord in order to accept on its behalf bills, payments from tenants.
  3. Rights and obligations of the user
    1. User Responsibility: The User acknowledges and, voluntarily, accepts that the use of the service takes place, if at all, under his/her sole responsibility. The user will be liable for damages of any kind that KangApp may suffer as a result of breach of any of the obligations to which it bounds by virtue of these ‘General Terms' or the law regarding the use of the Service.
    2. Compliance with Laws: The user, and never KangApp, will be responsible for compliance with all laws and regulations applicable or related to rent, listings and User Products on the platform. The User agrees not to display or hire illegal items on the shelf. The User agrees to provide on the platform all the necessary warnings and information regarding their items, and comply with all applicable laws and regulations regarding the display and rent of items on the platform. The user acknowledges and agrees that KangApp is neither importer nor exporter of the leased items internationally on the platform. The User is solely responsible for compliance with all laws and regulations applicable in the field of customs, exchange control, sanctions, embargoes and other applicable laws.
    3. Registration note: To access certain features of the platform, reserve an item, create a list, contact or evaluate other users assess, the register of an account ("User Account") will be required, becoming a user. The register of a user account can be made directly through the platform or by logging into his/her account by certain third party social networking (SNS) (including Facebook); these accounts will be noted as "third parties" through our platform. The platform can link his/her user account with third party accounts in two ways: (i) providing information to log in to KangApp from a third party account through the platform; or (ii) allowing KangApp to access his/her third party account, as permitted by the applicable terms and conditions that regulate how he/she uses each third party account. The User declares that he/she have the right to disclose his/her third party to log in to KangApp and/or grant access to KangApp to his/her third party (including, among other purposes, for the use described as herein), without breaching any of the terms and conditions that govern the use he/she does of the applicable third party account without forcing KangApp to pay any fee or make KangApp to be subject to any limitation of use imposed by those providers of third party service. By granting access to KangApp to any third party account, the User understands that KangApp will access, make available and store (if applicable) any content provided and stored by the User in his/her third party account ("SNS Content") to be available in the page and through it, the services and the application through his/her user account and the profile page of the user account. Unless specified, otherwise, in these Terms, all the SNS Content, if any, shall be deemed User Content for all purposes of these Terms. Depending of the chosen third party accounts and subjected to the privacy settings he/she did set in, all the personal identifiable information that he/she posts on these third party accounts will be available in his/her user account and through it on the platform. If a third party account or its associated service becomes unavailable or the KangApp’s access to this third party account is blocked by its own service provider, the SNS’ Content will no longer be available on the platform or through the provider. The User has the ability to disable the connection between his/her KangApp’s account and his/her third party account at any time by accessing "Settings" platform section. PLEASE NOTE THAT HIS/HER RELATIONSHIP WITH THE THIRD PARTY SERVICES PROVIDERS ASSOCIATED WITH HIS/HER THIRD PARTY ACCOUNTS ARE GOVERNED SOLELY BY THE TERMS OF HIS/HER AGREEMENT WITH SUCH THIRD PARTY SERVICE PROVIDERS. KangApp makes no effort to review any SNS Content for any reason, including without limitation the accuracy, legality or non-infringement and KangApp is not responsible for any SNS’ content. We will create his/her user account and his/her profile page user account for using the platform based on the personal information the User provides to us or that we obtain via an SNS as described above. The User cannot have more than one (1) active user account. The User agrees to provide accurate, current and complete information during the registration process and to update such information to keep it accurate, current and complete information. KangApp reserves the right to suspend or terminate his/her user account and the access to the platform if he/she creates more than one (1) user account or if the information provided during the registration process or later proves to be inaccurate, not current or incomplete.
    4. The rental of items amongst users shall conform at all times to these "General Terms" and set the operational performance of the platform. According to the "General Terms" the operations of items rental are solely among users and never with KangApp. The User expressly and completely frees KangApp from all liability, cost, damage and injury he/she suffers or incurs as a result of his/her access to or use of the platform, its data, its articles, services and information. If there was no otherwise agreed to the contrary among the users, it means that each user must bear the costs of transporting rented items to the place accorded with another user as long as it is in the Spanish territory in the Iberian Peninsula.
    5. Users may be all natural or legal persons with legal capacity. Through this platform, users undertake to make rentals, so anyone using the infrastructure provided by the platform must have full legal capacity.
    6. Consequently, minors or older without full legal capacity cannot register. KangApp reserves the right to suspend or terminate the accounts of minors or legal incapacitated indefinitely, permanently or until they meet the legal requirements and/or the ones defined in these "General Terms".
    7. The User, voluntarily, agrees and is aware that the use of the service takes place, if at all, under his sole responsibility. The User will be liable for damages of any kind that KangApp may suffer as a result of the breach of any of the obligations to which they are bound by virtue of these "General Terms" or the Law regarding the use of the service.
    8. The User and never KangApp will be responsible for compliance with all laws and regulations relating to the rent applicable to it and the items of the user in the platform. User agrees not to display or hire illegal items on the platform. The user agrees to provide the platform all the necessary warnings and information regarding their items, and to comply with all applicable laws and regulations regarding the display and rent of the items in the platform.
    9. The rental items amongst users will be adjusted at any time to these "General Terms" and operational performance defined in the platform.
    10. User account, password ("Password") and Information Personal Information: There will be an account in the Service assigned to the User and a password ('password') to log in. The User will be responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of his/her account and password and for any and all transactions he/she makes from his/her account. The User must inform and educate employees and/or agents who have access to the user’s account and password and its operation and confidentiality. The User agrees not to disclose the password to others and to take all measures that are useful to keep it secret. Users are solely responsible for their custody and use, authorized or unauthorized, by third parties. The use of a User’s account and password, by the User, or its employees or agents, shall be deemed made on behalf of the User. In this respect, the User shall immediately notify KangApp any restriction of access to the account or the password he/she wants to make about employees or agents. The User is aware that access to the Service using the ID or password of another User, as well as the collection, use or disclosure of personal information of other Users may constitute a criminal offense and possibly legal. In relation to the registration procedure on the platform, the user agrees to provide current, complete and accurate information, and to update and to keep up to date during all use of the Service. KangApp will take all measures at its disposal to protect the personal data of the User. Fulfilling the Free Registering Form, the User gives his/her consent for KangApp to process his/her data. If his/her data are considered to be personal information, KangApp will tell him/her it will be included in an automated file of personal data created by KangApp, in order to facilitate transactions and rental operations offered by the platform. In this respect, the User authorizes the transfer of personal data to any other KangApp’s platform. The file has been registered in the Data Protection Agency. Furthermore, he/she will also be informed about the possibility of exercising rights of access, rectification and deletion of personal data communicated. He/she may exercise these rights in the 'home' Portal ('Change the register') or by sending an e-mail to the address [email protected]
    11. The user is aware that access to the service using the ID or password of another user as well as the collection, use or disclosure of personal information of other users may constitute a criminal offense and possibly legal.
    12. No Interference of Service: The User declares, guarantees and undertakes expressly not to post, transmit, distribute or otherwise publish through the platform any material (products) that: (1) restricts or precludes other users from using and enjoying the Service; (2) is unlawful, threatening, abusive, harmful, libellous, defamatory, hateful, racist, obscene, vulgar, offensive, pornographic, disrespectful to religion or indecent; (3) constitutes or may constitute facts that may give rise to civil or criminal claims, (4) infringes, violates, plagiarizes or infringes the rights of third parties, including intellectual and industrial property; (5) contains a virus or other harmful component able to interrupt, destroy or limit the functionality of any software or hardware. The User is not entitled to transfer, contains viruses or other harmful component able to interrupt, destroy or limit the functionality of any software or hardware, the User is not entitled to transfer, either unsolicited or promotional material containing subliminal and false or misleading indications and instructions. The User expresses, warrants and agrees expressly to: (1) not interfere with the Service or with the servers connected to the platform and obey the requirements, systems and procedures of the Service; (2) not gain unauthorized access to other systems through the platform; (3) not influence the Service in a way that adversely affects the transactions of other users; (4) not threaten or coerce other users; (5) not store or collect professional personal data from other users or (6) not to act in a false and unauthorised manner in the name and on behalf of other persons or entities and (7) not engage in practices that represent unfair competition. The User expresses, warrants and expressly agrees not to display, sell, transmit, use, store, extract, or exploit personal or business names, addresses, telephone and fax numbers, e-mail, listings, prices, fees or any other information related to users and available on the Service, except those performing acts strictly necessary for the performance in good faith of rental transactions through the Service.
  4. Changing the 'Terms of Use' and service
    1. KangApp may modify and change at any time and the full or partial content of the "General Terms" available in the platform, also modify any part of the service or rates. If The User signs up in the platform, for free, it is understood that accepts the "General Terms" of the platform. Acceptance is permanent, constant and ratified by the fact of using his/her user account and password ('password') and, every time, this acceptance should mean the "General Terms" published and permanently available in the platform, including the last date of publication, advising all users of any changes via the platform.
    2. If the User does not agree with the amendments to the "General Terms" or the Service itself, he/she can immediately unsubscribe as User and cancel his/her account on the Service, following the procedure set out in paragraph 11 below.
  5. Provision of service
    1. KangApp has the right to change, suspend or discontinue at any time and without liability, any aspect of the Service, including hours of operation. Likewise, it has the right to impose limits or restrictions on certain uses of the Service.
    2. KangApp establishes general criteria and limits for use of the Service, including, without limitation, the maximum number of days, e-mails, other messages and lists displayed and managed by the Service, the maximum number of occurrences, duration, number of hits users, etc.
    3. KangApp does not warrant, in any way, that the functions contained in the platform or any other materials are offered uninterrupted or free from errors or that any errors will be corrected, or that the platform is free of viruses or other harmful components.
    4. KangApp is not liable, directly or indirectly, of the interruptions in the platform that could affect the reception, processing, acceptance or agreement listings or transactions on the platform.
  6. Terms of rental transactions made in KangApp
    1. The territorial scope of the rental service provided by KangApp through the platform is restricted to tenants residing in the EU, although there is no territorial limitation in the case of tenants or users who register for the sole purpose of interacting with others. Any user within the geographical scope of KangApp can create lists but filling in the fields KangApp deems appropriate, some mandatory and other eligible. All listings will be made public in the platform, so that any user can request a reservation. The lessor agrees not to vary the price of the reserve agreed at any time.
    2. Through KangApp, registered users may publicly offer items that are on your property to rent them to other users. Once two registered users accept to rent the items offered after negotiate and make a deal, both must complete the transaction by the rules set forth herein. Failure of any of these rules and/or laws shall be deemed a breach of contract, allowing the injured user and/or KangApp to take appropriate action against the offending user.
    3. The users registered in KangApp agree to make the rent of the items according to the following rules: (1) All rentals must be made in accordance with these "Terms of Use". (2) Users who have reached a rental agreement undertake to: (a) Advocate the conditions in which they carry out the delivery and collection of items, either by the physical presence of both in the same place and the same hour or any other form of delivery agreed between both. (b) Deliver and collect items within the agreed timeframe. (c) Submit the article on the terms offered, in the same quantity, quality and nature that published in KangApp. (d) Comply with all tax laws that apply.
    4. A user who had received an article under these conditions of service shall not require the other user to return or delivery the article offered by him/her before the fixed period, all without prejudice agreed between the parties. The user, who submitted an article in contravention of any rules set forth herein, agrees to return the object received if it was required by who made the rent, must fully assume the costs arising therefrom.
  7. Articles and Listings
    1. Users can rent the objects of their property or those they have authorization from their rightful owners and whose sale was legal under the rules of Spanish law only. For this reason, may not be offered in KangApp (and, therefore, subject to rent) stolen objects, illegal ones or those that were controlled or require administrative or judicial authorization.
    2. It’s not permitted, among others, to rental goods that meet any of the following characteristics: (1) they are stolen. (2) There’s no full ownership of it. (3) In any way, it’s infringed any intellectual property rights, patents, trademarks, trade secrets or other proprietary rights of publicity or privacy of others. (4) They are counterfeit. 5) There’s a violation of the fundamental rights of individuals, among others, as the right to honour, privacy and self-image of any third party. (6) It has not meet standards of quality and safety of the Spanish legal system, and if, the European regulations. (6) It’s required an administrative authorization or otherwise for its alienation. (7) There’s a violation of laws, regulations, ordinances, or in general, any rule of Spanish law. (8) It contains child pornography images. (9) It contains viruses, malware, spyware or any other software that could cause injury or damage, in any way, the computer of the person you were installing. (10) That, by its nature, could do incur KangApp and/or its owner liability of any kind. In the event you believe that any user in Kangapp is infringing your legitimate rights, please, contact KangApp through the form or writing to [email protected] KangApp does not act as an underwriter or as user’s contracting agent as a lessor. KangApp does not form part of any reserve or settlement conducted by users, it only acts as collection manager authorized limited the lessor in order to accept, on its behalf, payments from tenants and shall transfer such payments to the lessor. KangApp recommended that lessors take out adequate insurance for your articles and review their home insurance policies if they could cover any incident in rented articles.
  8. Special items and other services
    1. KangApp can enter, at any time, new products and services that are governed by the provisions of Clause 4 above.
  9. Evaluations
    1. Once the transaction is finished, KangApp’s users must assess the user they you have exchanged items with, valuing the communication, treatment, diligence, the state of the articles, etc. Thereof, the assessment is recommended but not mandatory. Also users might post a comment.
    2. When both parts terminate the transaction, they have 30 days to evaluate each other in the platform of KangApp.
  10. Communication with users
    1. Principals of KangApp reserves the right to make communications of any kind to the users of the platform, always respecting the obligations regarding data protection and privacy established by law, as well as offering users the possibility to not receive these internal communications through its express request to the address [email protected]
    2. All communications to be done amongst KangApp and the user(s) will be by e- mail: (1) To KangApp, by the e-mail [email protected]; (2) To the user by the address that he/she has communicated when registering as a user.
  11. Cancellation and unsubscribe
    1. To unsubscribe, the user must access to his/her Private profile in KangApp. Once there, he/she will find the option to unsubscribe. Once done, KangApp will send a confirmation email to the account the user filled in at the moment of registration.
  12. Property rights
    1. User acknowledges and agrees that any software used in connection with the Service contains priority and confidential information that is protected by the laws of intellectual property. Without the express consent of KangApp, the User cannot modify, lease, loan, sell, copy, reproduce, transmit, distribute or create derivate works based on the Service or its contents. User cannot connect the platform to another web page, application, or any digital platform nor resell or redistribute any part of the platform, or provide access to third parties to the Service for economic purposes.
    2. License: User grants to KangApp the right NOT exclusive, royalty-free or without any payment, to display and disseminate trademarks, trade names, logos and any User Content, to be displayed in the lists of products in the Service and promote them. By posting texts, images, videos and any other information or element subject to protection by the laws of existing intellectual property rights, user grants KangApp and their holders a non-exclusive license without territorial or temporary limitation and without consideration capable of transfer to third parties, for the operation of those published in the platform and content. KangApp will be allowed to exploit the content according to these terms and conditions, also being authorized to use these elements to advertise the platform or any of its services by any means.
    3. If the user believes that its intellectual or industrial property rights have been violated, his/her legal representative must immediately notify this fact to Kangapp sending an e- mail to [email protected]
  13. Taxes and fees
    1. KangApp doesn’t collect logins or pay taxes in relation to the agreed transactions between Users. The payment of such taxes affects the relevant taxpayer in the rental transaction provided in the platform. The user acknowledges and agrees that KangApp is not his/her agent or representative of any kind, and that there is no relationship between them imposing on KangApp the collection, income and pay taxes in relation to user transactions on the Service. The user agrees to comply with all tax laws that apply.
  14. Security
    1. Due to the very functioning of Internet, KangApp cannot verify the identity of its registered users or personal data supplied by them. Notwithstanding that the user assumes the risk to a possible breach of another user of the platform, KangApp has certain systems designed to provide bigger security and confidence to the user, including the assessment system. KangApp will render all possible assistance to the judicial authorities to prevent injuries or infringements of third parties or, once produced, being pursued.
    2. KangApp cares about the security of transactions made by registered users of the platform, so it’s been defined measures to increase user’s confidence like the use of communication protocols of secure data; Transaction privacy and data provided by users will be treated as detailed in the Privacy Policy.
    3. KangApp may incorporate future technological measures to increase the security of their services and agreements reached through its infrastructure and, in particular, may implement systems to electronically sign transactions done and generate certificates of authenticity which are intended to provide bigger legal certainty to the users of this platform. In the event that KangApp decides to incorporate more security measures, these must be unconditionally accepted by registered users, and used according to the instructions given at the time by the platform.
  15. Advertising
    1. KangApp reserves the right to include advertising on the platform, it may be used in any form or by any means (either via pop -up Windows, embedded in the platform, audio or audiovisual concerning the articles were offering it on the page where the advertising, etc.) is incorporated.
    2. The platform cannot be used by users to advertise, or any offer goods or services outside the terms reflected in the second point. In the event that KangApp considers that a user uses their infrastructures for purposes other than those set forth in these Terms of Use, is appropriate, at the discretion of KangApp, suspension or termination of the offending account user. KangApp will consider the damage that this measure could cause to other users and act trying to damage as little as possible to them.
  16. Responsibility
    1. KangApp provides a platform for users to rent their items and exchange information. Otherwise, neither KangApp nor the owners may be held liable, directly or alternatively, for breaches of any nature incurred by any user of the service.
    2. Neither KangApp nor its owners may be responsible for lost or, in general, any other expectation of profit or any financial or moral damage incurred by a user using the platform infrastructure. The users of the service use it at their own risk, assuming the risks they might suffer for breach of these rules by other users KangApp.
    3. KangApp does not give any warranty about the content of the platform, functions, materials, information, products and 'links' accessible from the platform. The user assumes all responsibility for evaluating and accepting the accuracy, quality and usefulness of articles, announcements, opinions, advice, services, bonuses and information offered in the platform. The user explicitly frees completely KangApp from all liability, cost, damage and injury he/she might suffer or endure as a result of his/her access to or use of the platform, data, materials, items, goods, services and information.
  17. Compensation
    1. The User shall defend, hold harmless and indemnify KangApp, directors, owners, employees, agents, employees, partners and suppliers, from any and all liability, costs, damages that are incurred through use of the Service by the user, breach by the User of the "Terms of Use", any dispute or litigation between him/her and another party, the injury of third party rights by User.
  18. Guarantees
    1. The service, with all its contents, software, functions, materials and information is provided 'as is'. KangApp don’t give any guarantee on the contents of the platform, functions, materials, information, products and links accessible from the platform.
    2. The user assumes all responsibility for evaluating and accepting the accuracy, quality and usefulness of products, advertisements, opinions, advice, services, prizes and information offered in the platform.
  19. Disclaimer
    1. The User explicitly frees completely KangApp from all liability, cost, damage and injury he/she might suffer or endure as a result of his/her access to the platform or its use, data, materials, products, goods, services and information
    2. Likewise, this platform can use cookies, which are served from the servers of this platform. In any case, the cookies are associated with an specific computer , not with an specific user , because that computer can be used by several people, a fact that makes it technically impossible to identify.
    3. The cookies used by this platform cannot give access to your computer, they are not invasive or harmful, and its only function is to provide a flexible navigation of the site in accordance with the purposes indicated by you.
    4. If despite all this, the user wants to deny and prevent the creation of these cookies he/she may do himself/herself, since current browsers have settings that allow him/her to restrict the possibility of creating fully or partially cookies as well how to set his/her browser to notify of receipt.
  20. General
    1. Registered users undertake to respect the provisions of these "Terms of Use" and current legislation.
    2. The owner(s) of KangApp reserves the right to modify, limit or cancel these "Terms of Use" at any time and any disclaimer , guidelines, rules of use, privacy policy, etc., always respecting the law force. The new conditions will be applied to the registered users from fifteen (15) days after they were logging in the platform. The owner(s) of KangApp recommend to regularly consult the “Terms of Use” at any time to know the conditions that are applied, without prejudice to decide unilaterally and in any form (via email or similar means), notify registered users a substantial change in these conditions.
    3. Communications: All communications to be made KangApp and the User shall be made by e- mail: to KangApp, to the address [email protected] The user, the email address that the user provided in the registration form of KangApp.
    4. Applicable Law and Arbitration: The platform and its "Terms of Use" shall be governed and construed by the laws of the Kingdom of Spain, KangApp and the User shall make all reasonable efforts to settle amicably any dispute arising from or being related to the "Terms of Use" and/or platform. In the event that the Parties can not resolve a dispute, it would be definitely settled by an Arbitration Fairness for designated by the Dean of the Bar Association of the city or the judicial district in which the user has his/her home refered. The Parties expressly agree to be bound by and comply with the arbitration award or decision.
    5. Assignment or Transfer: The rights and obligations of the User in the platform cannot be assigned or transferred, in whole or in part, by the User to third parties without the prior consent of KangApp to that effect. The user authorizes from now to KangApp to assign its rights and obligations in the platform to third parties.
    6. Conservation of the Legal Relationship: The invalidity of any of the agreements included in the platform or in its "Terms of Use" shall not affect the validity and full effectiveness, taking this no agreement as set.
    7. Entire Agreement: The "Terms of Use" contain the entire agreement between the parties on the subject of the legal relationship between them.

Personal Data Protection Policy

KANGAPP ensures a responsible and respectfully privacy policy with users’ decisions. All personal data KANGAPP collects about users will be stored in an automated personal data file, whose responsible is KANGAPP, and that is located in our servers. As described below, some of your personal data is communicated to third parties and used by KANGAPP and third parties. By accepting the Terms, the user expressly agrees that KANGAPP uses and communicates his/her personal data according to its Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy is part of the General Terms and is subject to the terms of these General Terms.

  • Right to Information

    In accordance with the provisions of Organic Law 15/1999 of December 13, Protection of Personal Data (hereinafter, LOPD), KANGAPP (hereinafter, Platform) and its holder inform the user of this site about the existence of an automated personal data file created by KANGAPP and under its responsibility.

  • Purpose

    The data of the users registered through the forms provided by the Platform are collected by KANGAPP in order to facilitate the provision of services that KANGAPP provides through this platform and to provide commercial information about the services that could be of their interest. The user warrants that the personal data provided to KANGAPP are truthful and he/she assumes the responsibility for communicating any change on it.

  • Compulsory or optional nature of information provided by the user and data veracity

    Fields marked with an asterisk (*) in the registration form to be filled in by the user are strictly necessary to service your request being voluntary the inclusion of data in the remaining fields. You warrant that the personal data provided to KANGAPP are truthful and you are responsible for communicating any change on it.

  • User Consent

    Sending personal data through the use of KANGAPP’s registration forms or e-mails implies the express consent of the sender to the automated processing of data included in the media indicated and the shipment of electronic communications with information about our services and products or services of third parties.

  • Rights of access, rectification, opposition and cancellation of users

    Users may exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition to the processing of personal data under the terms and conditions provided in the LOPD. You can exercise these rights through the contact form in the Platform or sending a mail to [email protected].

  • Security

    KANGAPP maintains security levels of protection of personal data in accordance with Royal Decree 994/1999, of June 11, on security measures for automated files containing personal data, and has established all the available technical means to prevent the loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorized access and theft of data that user provides through the platform, without prejudice to inform him/her that Internet security measures are not unassailable. KANGAPP agrees to comply with the duty of secrecy and confidentiality of personal data contained in the automated file in accordance with applicable law, as well as to confer a safe treatment in assignments of data, if any, may occur.

  • Commercial electronic communications

    KANGAPP reports that it may send commercial electronic communications with information about products, services and events that may be of interest to users of the platform. The user may revoke this consent at any time with a simple notification to KANGAPP, and it will not be retroactive.

  • Information about cookies and techniques of "spamming"

    The user is aware of the use of cookies (which, in no case, allows his/her identification) with the sole purpose of facilitating navigation through the pages of the platform and, in no case, allows the identification of the user. In any case, the user may deny or refuse the use of cookies by modifying the settings of his/her web browser. This platform is attached to the advertising system ('Google AdSense'), which uses cookies to show advertising content related to navigation by the user. When a user accesses to website attached to 'Google AdSense' and clicks, a cookie is placed in his/her browser, through which Google collects information from user navigation to manage and, then, advertise through advertising program 'Google AdSense'. At any time the user can disable the use of cookies by Google by disabling it in your browser. KANGAPP does not use techniques of "spamming" and only process the data the user transmits through the electronic forms in its Platform or by mail. In case of doubt or dispute regarding KANGAPP’s privacy policy and protection of personal data, the user can contact it using the contact form in the Platform or sending a mail to [email protected]. The processing of personal data and sending commercial electronic communications, are in accordance with Law 15/1999, of December 13, Protection of Personal Data (BOE of December 14, 1999) and Law 34/2002, of July 11, services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce (BOE of July 12, 2002).

  • Amendment of the current privacy policy

    KANGAPP reserves the right to amend this policy to adapt it to future legislative or case law, as well as industry practices, previously informing users of the changes that occur therein.

  • Payments on KangApp use Mango Pay services, wich terms and conditions are:

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