Frequently asked questions

What may I do in Kangapp?

You may rent all items you may need for babies and children on your next trip at very competitive prices. You don't have to worry about transport problems and high costs. Moreover, you may contact locals in your next destination who may give you useful information and even probably be your guides.

What is a Kanger?

A kanger is any registered user in who not only offers an article for renting or other any other things o services you need but also, simply, give the opportunity to share information about trips.

What items may I find in

Whatever your family may need during your trip: Strollers, car seats, cribs, bathtubs, bicycles, bottle warmers, etc.

What data are necessary to sign up?

The only information we ask you is your e-mail, name, nickname and password. You may also register with your Facebook account. Once registered, you may complete the remaining data. For us, reliability is very important, so the more complete your profile is, the better your reputation will be.

What rental prices may I assign to my items?

You choose the price but, based on our experience, we may say it is not easy to determine a fair price, we have defined a system of suggestions that will help you to fix a price according to the market.

Is there any maximum number of ítems to publish?

No, you may publish as many articles as you want.

How may I arrange a meeting for collecting and delivering the items with the people who have already rented them?

There is a chat where you may talk with the other users and agree about the best time and place to meet and, even, the fee in case you're interested in a delivery and/or collection at the airport or anywhere else. Moreover, you both can exchange mobile phones numbers or any other kind of contact.

How long are the rentals?

We have set 4 intervals of 1-3 days, 4-7 days, 8-15 days and 16 to 31 days. The fixed price is for the entire interval never per day, that is, if the rental is for 10 days, the third interval (8-15 days) will be applied.

How do I find the article I need at the place I am traveling to?

Our searches are based on geolocation, so you just have to search on the map your next destination or the closest place to where you are staying in and the nearby available items will appear in the map.

How a deal is closed?

Negotiations are always closed by the user who has listed an item to be rented (owner). When the owner receives a proposal of reserve has the option to accept or modify it. In case of modification, the other user must accept the changes and, by last, accept or reject the reservation definitely. Throughout this process both users can talk via chat to discuss all issues that may arise.

How are payments handled?

KangApp offers secure payment so that, from the moment that the rental is confirmed, the charge will be made ​​on the credit card. In addition, if the other user (Kanger) request a deposit, it will be pre-authorized in the card but it will only be charged if an incident arises and KangApp confirms it has actually taken place.

How does the delivery and collection system work?

KangApp has a verification system based in codes that allows the platform to certify the delivery and collection of the articles and all currency movements occur correctly. The owner of the rented article must provide the code received by mail to the user who has rented the article at the moment of returning the item coinciding with the end of the rental. By the other hand, the lessor shall also provide the code received by mail to the owner of the article when the rented item is given back to confirm that the rental has been completed successfully. When both users have entered the codes in, the payment to the owner will be processed.

What about if I do not get back my item or it is returned in bad conditions?

You may contact Kangapp by mail at [email protected] or by our contact form. Once the information is checked and verified, we will contact you to solve the incidence and execute the deposit, if necessary. In case of theft or robbery, it will be necessary to send us the police report.

How do cancellations work?

In case you want to make a cancellation of a reservation in progress, you must contact us at [email protected] detailing your contact information, username in and the dates of rental so that we can proceed to its cancellation. Our cancellation policy is:

Advance Reimbursement
0 hours to 48 hours 0%
48 hours to 7 days 50%
More than 7 days 100%

How may I negotiate extra complements that I may need?

During the negotiation process you will have an available box where to put any additional amount (all kind of extra item) that might be added to the final rental price (Total).

When will I receive money by the rental in my bank account?

During the 48 hours after the rental has been closed successfully.

Is Kangapp totally free?

Yes, in Kangapp you may list articles, rent them, interact with other users, etc. Kangapp only charges a 20% commission and all the applicable taxes to the users (Kangers) owners of the articles on the total amount of their rentals.

How may I contact Kangapp if any problem arises using

You may contact Kangapp by mail ([email protected]) or by our contact form. Once the information is received, we will contact you as soon as possible.