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We are dads and moms of young children who enjoy traveling with our families. We are convinced that traveling is part of the education of our children so our personal situation should not be an impediment to face any adventure trip.

By KangApp we want to help other traveling families to minimize the problems we found during our trips. Whether we want to enjoy a weekend traveling with our family, travel across Europe by car with our kids, or travel away a whole summer and we do not want to have space problems or carry strollers, highchairs or cribs. Why not renting it to another family during the days of our stay?

We believe that traveling is an experience, not a visit. It is not the same to be in a place than enjoy it. That is why KangApp also facilitates the contact among families from all around the world to exchange their experiences traveling around and to share those places and spaces where architecture becomes art and beauty.

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